During camp we have a dedicated staff team to help you. You’ll meet us as soon as you arrive at camp but here’s a little introduction…



Janet is our Camp Leader. She first came when she was 15 as a helper and got hooked! Janet has been coming ever since and now brings her entire family. As well as looking after her two children, Janet works as a Learning Support Teacher and enjoys playing the piano and playing Sudoku.


Sarah is our on-site nurse – she looks after all the medications and can be found in the nurse’s room if you need any help or advice. Sarah works as a staff nurse on a trauma orthopedic ward in Portsmouth. She enjoys singing as part of her choir and is involved in organising Relay for Life (Cancer Research UK).


Gadget helps in the kitchen and is in charge of fixing things with gaffer tape. He runs the Explorers disco night, so be sure to make sure he knows your favourite tracks for Thursday.


Helen makes sure all the changing blocks and toilets are clean, and runs the laundry doing any essential washing that needs to be done; as well as helping in the kitchen and with any other activities as needed. She is also on call for medical problems on alternative nights. Helen has been coming to Explorers for 20 years as well as visiting the Woodlarks campsite every year of her life. Outside of Explorers she runs a Cub Scout group and helps with the Scout section, running various weekly activities and camps. She spends a lot of time doing various crafty type activities and loves being in her garden. To pay the bills Helen is a qualified nurse working at Sandwell General Hospital on a general medicine ward.


Caroline is in charge of art and crafts at Explorers and she likes encouraging people to join in making a mess! During the year she is an art teacher and enjoys playing folk music on her violin, learning new art techniques like calligraphy and printing, running Guides, and exploring London.


Nori is on the activities team and will also be a patrol buddy. Nori has been coming to Woodlarks since being a bump and thinks it’s one of the most magical places in the world! Currently studying for an MA, Nori enjoys being outdoors, dancing, being a Guide leader, playing with photography, and always has lots of enthusiasm for silly activities. You will find Nori taking lots of photos at camp, these will be available to you afterwards.


Jill is our head cook. She loves getting everybody involved in the preparation and cooking of meals, everybody can do something to help out. Jill is enjoying retirement from being a primary school teacher but is still involved with Scouting, in particular her Beaver Colony. Jill has 4 grandchildren and in time they will all go to Woodlarks, they have already visited!


Hattie is assisting with Mess duty (laying tables), and will have her two children with her at camp. Outside of Woodlarks, she is a maths teacher and competes internationally in Sudoku.



Nic has been coming to Woodlarks since babyhood and came to Explorers as a helper for many years. She, alonglong with her daughter, will be helping with Mess duty. The unofficial campsite motto ‘Love and Laughter’ keeps her coming back for more – it wouldn’t be summer without camp! Outside camp Nic works at the Met Office, helping countries all around the world become less vulnerable to the climate.


John is our bus driver and has been visiting Woodlarks for over 30 years. As an ex-teacher of Craft, Design & Technology, Math, IT & Outdoor Pursuits, John knows where & how to “knock & bash” to make things work. He is currently a carer for a disabled lady, he is also father of Helen and husband of Jill.


Polly is in the activities team and a patrol buddy. Polly first came to Explorers in 2017 but she has been coming to Woodlarks for many years. She works for a hospital trust facilitating Creative Therapies and likes to “keep life colourful”!


Leanne is our lifeguard and will often be found down at the pool.


Charlotte is part of the activities team and will also be a patrol buddy.


Mary is part of the kitchen team.