At Explorers, you are sure to try something new. Whether it’s sleeping under canvas, cooking on a wood fire, or one of the many activities you will try.


Every year we choose a theme for our camp. This year’s theme is Myth and Magic (2022) and previous themes have included “Alice in Wonderland”, “Harry Potter”, “Pirates”, “A Year in a Week”, “Where’s Wally?”, “On Safari”, and “Robin Hood”. Many of our activities on camp will be on this theme and it is also where we get our patrol names from. We also have a themed disco party on the Thursday night – always one of the highlights of the week!


There is always plenty to do, and we try to find something to excite everyone. Whether that’s arts and crafts, swimming in the outdoor (heated!) pool, flying down the aerial runway, or cooking out in the woods, there’s sure to be something for you! Other activities include trampoline, a ride on the wheelchair swing, wide games, team-building activities, looking for birds in the bird hide, archery, and just chilling out with your new friends.


Often on one day in the week we also have a whole-camp outing, where we go off-site for the day in search of new adventures. This is currently not on offer due to Covid-19 precautions.


Of course, adventurous activities aren’t the only part of camp! We also all share in the day-to-day running of the camp by joining in the chores that need to be done. Each patrol takes it in turns to do different jobs around camp, so at some point you will find that you are cooking main meals for the camp, helping out in the laundry, cleaning the wash block, fetching wood, helping keep the swimming pool area clean, washing up, raising the flag and tidying the site, laying the tables, and chopping the vegetables. Sometimes people aren’t keen to join in these jobs, but they are a big part of camp life… and usually participants find that this is where some of the best fun and memories lie!

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