“I am always happy to enthuse about the camp which has been running for over 30 years. Many girls who have attended Explorers return year on year and I know they too will be happy to recommend it!”
Jackie, previous Camp Leader


“Explorers is about new experiences, meeting new people, learning new things, having fun in a safe caring enviroment . Levi loved every minute.”
Eileen, Parent


“The atmosphere at Explorers is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before; it’s a place where everyone is always on hand and willing to help one another, daily tasks are turned into some of the most enjoyable activities and everyone is encouraged to try something new and step out of their comfort zone. A truly one of a kind place. I’ve made so many special memories and created friendships with people form all across the country, who I will keep in touch with no matter what. My first week at Explorers has been my favourite memory of 2018 and the fun I’ve had this week will stay with me forever.”
Anna, First-Time Helper


“Explorers is a unique place where firm friendships are formed within minutes and everyone learns from each other. I’m so proud to be part of this accepting, caring community that celebrates each member for their abilities and skills. There’s a place for everybody at Woodlarks.”
Mouse, Helper


“A week of spending quality time doing fun activities, making new friends and learning about yourself and other people under canvas. Best week of my summer.”
Gemma, Helper


“I love the atmosphere at camp and it’s so easy to make friends. I LOVE CAMP!”
Katherine, Camper


“Nina always had the most amazing time at camp! She came home shattered, grubby and absolutely delighted with herself! One of the best things she has done!”
Linda, Parent


“Brilliant atmosphere. Everyone really understood the Woodlarks ethos and I saw so much support and laughter and creative solutions to challenges”
Daisy, First-Time Staff Member