Every day at Explorers brings new adventures, but most follow the same timetable. Here’s an idea of what a typical day at Explorers might involve…


7.30am     Everyone gets up and buddies help each other get ready for the day. The patrols that are on cook duty head to the kitchen and start preparing a yummy cooked breakfast.


8.15am      The whole camp gathers around the outdoor tables for breakfast. There are notices about the day’s activities and then everyone helps with the washing up, tidying the tents, and one patrol helps clean the wash block.

10am          Everyone gathers around the flag pole – the flag is raised by the patrol on “camp” duty and we start the morning activity.


11am           Elevenses – time for a drink and a snack! Then on with the morning activity – this could be anything from giant craft to games around the site.


12.30pm     Everyone shares lunch in their patrols. Sometimes this is a picnic lunch to enjoy on the field or perhaps a cook out lunch to take into the woods and cook over an open fire.


1.30pm        After lunch the whole camp has “rest hour”. This is a chance to relax, perhaps get out of your wheelchair, chill out and prepare yourself for the rest of the day’s activities.


2.30pm       Afternoon activities begin. On most days the swimming pool will be open and there will be some other activity such as trampolining, wheelchair swing, aerial runway, or archery. You can have a go at any activity you would like or take the opportunity to explore the site with your friends.



4pm             The arts and crafts activities begin. There are always some crafts available to do independently, but at this time Caroline will open up the craft room for some more involved, group, or guided activities.


4.30pm        The cook and mess patrols report for duty to help cook dinner and lay the tables.11802753_835610849868131_8317711244328259898_o

6pm             Dinner time! Again, the whole camp will gather at the outdoor dining tables (inside if it is raining) and share a meal together. This is a good chance to get to know new friends and meet the staff – and there’s always a delicious pudding to follow. After the meal, everyone helps wash up.

7.30pm        Evening activities start. This might be singing around a campfire, a wide game in the dark, a quiz, or the Thursday night disco.


9.30pm         The day finishes with hot chocolate and a chat with friends before helping each other to get to bed, ready to begin again tomorrow!